Democrats Just Showed How The GOP Can Win Big

( – Hispanics are flocking to the Republican party and the Democrats have yet to notice, according to some political commentators. Miami-Dade County in Florida had traditionally voted for the Democrats, but in the midterms of November 2022, the GOP trounced their opponents there by almost 20 points.

Republican Governor Ron DeSantis increased his majority across the state from just over 32,000 in the previous election to almost 1.5 million in 2022. The shift from Democrats to Republicans among Hispanics signals their distance from the new “woke” politics of the Democrat elite. For example, gender-neutral language, so beloved by the left wing, has been turning Hispanic voters away.

The phrase “LatinX” is supposed to be a non-gendered alternative to Latino or Latina. It has been endorsed by prominent figures in the Democratic Party, including the hard left-winger Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. A poll in 2021 however showed that the majority of Hispanic voters find the term offensive, and only 2% said they would ever use it.

The Democratic Party has seen an exodus of working-class white voters in recent years and the party appears to believe it can replace that loss with minority voters. This has not necessarily worked out however as campaigners on the ground in some states have told the party leadership that “woke” ideals are driving away not just Hispanic voters, but black voters too, and not just in Florida. According to Pew Research, 25% of black Americans now identify as “conservative” and the Democrats have seen a drop in their vote from black communities.

The Democrats have also lost support from both black and Hispanic voters in states along the southern border as mass illegal migration takes hold and local border communities pay the price. Even some Democrats are imploring the party to make a change. In 2021, a California Democrat, former State Senator Gloria Romero, said that the party is “wokeism run amok” and no longer represents the values of many voters, and Hispanics, in particular, were turning against President Biden.

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