Dems Push Radical Measures In Fully-Controlled States

( – Democrats in Minnesota and Michigan made full use of the electoral majorities they secured last year to swiftly enact far-left policies and now Democrats in other states are hoping to use the deep blue states as a roadmap if they retake control from Republicans, the Associated Press reported.

Pennsylvania Democrat Party Chair Sharif Street told the Associated Press that his party has been paying attention to the Democrat agenda advanced in Michigan and Minnesota. He said he tells Pennsylvania voters that if the Democrats can flip the state Senate, they could pass similar legislation in the state.

Democrats in Arizona, Pennsylvania, and New Hampshire are hoping to secure similar electoral gains during the 2024 election and hope to accomplish measures similar to those in Michigan and Minnesota where years of Republican-led measures were rolled back and replaced with far-left policies. Within months of securing majorities in the state legislatures, Governors Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan and Tim Walz of Minnesota signed a myriad of far-left measures on things like gun control, voting rights, abortion, LGBTQ rights, and gun safety.

In 2022, Michigan Democrats were able to flip both chambers of the state legislature for the first time in 40 years. Governor Whitmer told the Associated Press that she hopes voters in Republican states can see what Michigan has accomplished and know that it is possible to “lead with your brain and also be a kind person.”

Meanwhile, Republicans in Michigan and Minnesota have already begun laying out a strategy to take back some lost power in 2024 by highlighting what they describe as the legislature’s overly partisan slant. In the first half of 2023, Republican state House and state Senate candidates outraised Democrats, thanks in large part to the efforts of former Republican Governor Rick Snyder.

In Minnesota, the Republicans lost the majority in the Senate after the Democrats won the deciding seat by only 321 votes. Republican Minority Leader Mark Johnson told the Associated Press that the Democrats failed to tackle any of the issues they campaigned on in 2022, including education, public safety, and tax relief.

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