Doctors Against Genocide Cancels Protest at Holocaust Museum

( – A quickly assembled pro-Palestinian group of US doctors canceled a planned protest at the Holocaust Museum in Washington this week after critics blasted the protest as offensive, the Jerusalem Chronicle reported.

Doctors Against Genocide, a group that was formed in November, claims to be a “global health coalition committed to stopping genocide.” They had organized a “Genocide in Gaza” protest for Thursday, December 28 outside of the Holocaust Museum followed by a second protest outside of the White House.

The group urged those attending the protest to get free tickets to the museum. In the group’s announcement, they called on healthcare workers who joined the protest to show up in their uniforms or wear white coats.

The watchdog group blasted the group’s planned protest as “stomach-churning” and “sickening.” The group said Doctors Against Genocide would “desecrate” the museum with calls for Israel to stop defending itself against Hamas, which has “one goal – to murder Jews.”

The Holocaust Museum also blasted Doctors Against Genocide for the planned protest, saying in a statement that it was “deeply offensive to survivors and the memory of the victims” of the Holocaust.

The museum said it has a “long-standing policy” against protesting at the museum so the space can be preserved “for the solemn memory of victims” as well as the “reflections” of Holocaust survivors and the museum’s “educational mission.”

In canceling the protest, Doctors Against Genocide blamed it on “misconceptions” of those who “misrepresented” the planned protest as “an antisemitic gathering.” The group claimed that the protest was to “express our empathy for the horrors of that genocide” and “bring awareness” to the so-called “genocide in Gaza.”

While the group conceded that its initial announcement failed to “sufficiently convey this,” it still claimed that “parties with ill intentions” misinterpreted the announcement to make “unfounded accusations.”

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