Donald Trump’s Comeback Defies Media’s Expectations

Donald Trump DOES IT – Media Wrong Again!

( – It’s hard to say exactly what the media has expected over the course of the last seven years when it comes to Donald Trump, except that they had largely underestimated him and continue to hope for his indictment, which now appears likely with the Department of Justice turning their focus on the former president. As we approach the midterm elections in just under a week, we can ask ourselves what a Republican controlled House and Senate might look like for the Biden administration. The answer? Not very different.

While MAGA candidates and Congressmen fracture the typical GOP coalition when it comes to foreign policy, the Biden administration generally does not need Congressional consensus to act in situations like the Ukraine-Russia War, according to a report from defense and national security website 19FortyFive. The president exerts a large degree of control over the defense budget and arms transfers, leaving the executive branch with little to worry about when it comes to enacting its desired foreign policy.

Even if the GOP were to take control of both the House and Senate, they might be able to influence domestic policies, but the executive branch historically turns to the legacy of its administration in foreign affairs. But even if this was not the case, MAGA-affiliated Congressmen just don’t command a large enough section of the House to be influential. Sympathy for Ukraine is just too high, even for House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy. Effectively, what this means is that the U.S.’s support for the Ukrainian war will continue, and so will the funneling of American taxpayer money.

Trump turned foreign policy on its face when he stepped into office, reportedly having friendly relationships with autocrats and dictators like Kim Jong Un and Vladimir Putin, but arguably this was to the U.S.’s benefit. In the four years during the Trump presidency, Putin never once attempted to initiate a “special military operation” in neighboring Ukraine. Trump himself reportedly also told Putin that if he ever attacked Ukraine he would bomb Moscow.

So while MAGA politicians are not as sympathetic to sending American money to Ukraine to fund what should very clearly be their war and the war of Europe, it’s debatable whether the war would have even broke out if Trump was still in office, or what foreign policy might look like should he reclaim the presidency in 2024.

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