Dozens of People Go Missing Off Coast of Florida

Dozens of People Go Missing Off Coast of Florida

( – The US Coast Guard rescued a man clinging to a capsized boat off the coast of Florida on January 26. The boat was on its way from the Bahamas to the United States when it encountered a heavy storm. Sadly, another man died in the accident, and 38 more people are missing in what officials suspect was a human smuggling operation gone wrong.

The unnamed survivor told the Coast Guard the vessel capsized when it hit the severe weather. Evidently, no one on board had a life jacket, so the man is lucky to be alive.

Health professionals are treating the lone survivor for sun exposure and dehydration as the Coast Guard searches an area reportedly the size of Rhode Island for any others who were on board. The Department of Homeland Security is interviewing the man for information about his ordeal.

According to the survivor, the 25-foot vessel left Bimini with 40 people on January 22 via a known route.

Sadly, his boat wasn’t the only one on the water allegedly transporting people in January. On January 21, officials captured a freighter near the Bahamas with 88 Haitians aboard and rescued 32 people from another overturned boat off the coast of Bimini the same day.

The search for the missing people in the most recent incident is still underway.

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