Drone Tries To Assassinate Vladimir Putin Carrying Explosives

(HorizonPost.com) – Ukraine has tried to assassinate Russian President Vladimir Putin. A German media report claims that Ukrainian secret agents sent a drone with attached explosives to kill the Russian leader, but this exploded before reaching its target.

President Putin visited a new industrial estate near Moscow on April 23rd. Ukrainian forces sent a drone to the site, with 17 kilos of C4 explosives attached, but it came down only miles from its destination.

The major German newspaper Bild published the story and cited Yuriy Romanenko, a Ukrainian activist, who said Ukrainian intelligence received information about Putin’s whereabouts and devised the assassination attempt. However, there has been no official confirmation of the claims.

It is unclear how Ukrainian forces learned about Putin’s whereabouts, but the move signals a more direct approach by Ukraine and its intention to take the war to Russian territory.

A blast was heard near Russia’s second-largest city St. Petersburg on April 27th. Local residents took to social media to explain that a large crater had been created at the site of an unused thermal power station. Russian investigators said an unidentified device caused the blast.  

On April 30th, four civilians died when Ukrainian forces fired shells across the border into Russia’s Bryansk region. Local Governor Alexander Bogomaz said one residential building was destroyed while two others were also hit. He blamed “Ukrainian nationalists” for the attack.

The US has responded to news that Ukraine is attacking inside Russia by stating that the government neither encouraged nor enabled such attacks. Meanwhile, American support for Ukraine has dropped. The number of Republican voters supporting military assistance for the war effort against Russia has fallen from 68% in July 2022 to just 55% today. While 74% supported giving financial aid at the start of the war, only 50% hold the same view now. Among Americans broadly, 47% want peace negotiations as soon as possible. Overall support has dropped to 48% from 58% last July.

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