England Removing COVID-19 Restrictions

England Removing COVID-19 Restrictions

(HorizonPost.com) – After nearly two years of harsh COVID-19 restrictions, some of the world is choosing to restore people’s rights. On February 21, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced he’s lifting all COVID-19 restrictions in England, including self-isolation and tracing measures. He assured his citizens there was no victory against the virus, but instead a realization the coronavirus is here to stay and his country has to use what it has learned to live with it going forward.

Johnson told the people of England they should still stay home if they were sick, but that the government won’t mandate it or give those affected any further financial support. He says it’s time to restore the peoples’ “liberties in full.” The leader’s proclamation only applies to England and not all of the United Kingdom. Some scientists called the move risky.

Although the prime minister admitted the pandemic wasn’t over, and there could be other variants, he felt it was time to lean more on personal responsibility than “government restrictions.” He said people should protect themselves and others the same way they do with other contagious viruses.

How about you? Do you think Johnson made the right move for his country, or do you think his action was premature?

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