Entertainment Workers Feel Harsh Impact of Pandemic

Entertainment Workers Feel Harsh Impact of Pandemic

(HorizonPost.com) – All one needs to do is watch the credits roll by at the end of a TV show or movie to see just how many people it takes to put it together for our enjoyment. Like everyone else, they were hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. While many people continued working from home using the Internet to create virtual offices, that strategy didn’t work in the entertainment world. The Actors Fund just released the findings of a survey they completed about some of the issues they’re facing.

Biggest Problems: Mental and Physical Health

Among the 7100+ respondents, mental health issues were by far the biggest area of concern, with 79% identifying this as a major impact zone. About 10% experienced a loss of health insurance, with many not knowing if or when they will have it again.

Housing and Food Issues

Like most other Americans, they have to pay a monthly rent or mortgage, and 28% of the industry’s workers reported being one month or more behind. According to the findings, 20% of the respondents claimed they had to move into a different home.

But housing isn’t the only problem. Reduced food security was raised as an issue by a staggering 40% of the people who took part in the survey.

Lost Revenues

The situation is dire in the European Union (EU) as well, with movie theaters showing an estimated €4 billion in lost revenues last year compared to 2019. It’s just another symptom of the same problem.

Many times, when people speak about Hollywood, it’s to gripe about how “everybody” is so rich. While that may be true for the likes of Tom Cruise or Sophia Vergara, it certainly isn’t for all the people listed after the stars.

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