Eric Bolling Says Fox News Is “Moving To The Center”

( – Former Fox News host Eric Bolling said that Fox News is “moving to the center” following news that Tucker Carlson and the media outlet have gone their separate ways, according to Mediaite. Bolling’s comments came during his Newsmax show “The Balance,” during which he criticized his former employer for “losing the plot.”

Bolling claimed that the Murdoch empire is choosing to include more leftists and become a moderate network rather than foster their conservative audience. He interviewed former Fox News host Megyn Kelly, who also lamented the news and called it a “sad day” for the company. But Kelly did call it a “great day” for Carlson while suggesting that he is finally free and no longer has to answer to a “corporate power.” 

She added that she did not think either Rupert Murdoch or Lachlan Murdoch fired the popular host because they are both conservative but left the speculation open that they might be looking at taking the network in a different direction. She noted that they might see Carlson as a figure that is too far on the right, or too populist and too much of a Trump defender. 

Kelly also spoke about whether or not she thought the termination was a result of the recent lawsuit Fox News was facing from Dominion Voting Systems, in which they alleged that the network parroted false claims of them rigging the 2020 election in favor of Joe Biden. She said that she did not think it was related because Maria Bartiromo, who was mentioned in the lawsuit, has not been fired. 

In addition, Kelly dismissed speculation that the termination was because of comments made by former producer Abby Grossberg, who alleges that Carlson fostered a toxic working environment. “It’s got to be something more,” she said. 

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