Escaped NYC Horse Crashes Cars

( – A New York City horse-drawn carriage ran amok on Sunday after the horse became agitated and rushed toward the West Side Highway in Manhattan, dragging the carriage behind it, the New York Post reported.

The 15-year-old horse managed to collide with four parked cars before slipping and falling, according to authorities.

The incident occurred around 3:00 p.m. as the carriage driver was trying to fix a malfunctioning canopy on the carriage. The horse became agitated and took off near West 55th and 11th Avenue, according to police.

With the driver and carriage in tow, the horse ran toward the West Side Highway before it detached from the carriage, leaving only the harness with no driver to control it. After the horse slipped and fell, two off-duty NYPD mounted unit officers wrangled the horse and loaded it onto a trailer.

The horse, named Gunner, suffered cuts to its body and injuries to its legs. It was transported to Clinton Park Stables where it was said to be in stable condition.

In a statement on Sunday, Edita Birnkrant, the executive director of NYCLASS, an animal advocacy group, said that the incident is another reason why New York City Mayor Eric Adams and City Council Speaker Adrienne Adams must “fast-track and pass” a measure to remove horse carriages from New York City streets.

NYCLASS claimed that the horse was “terrified and in a state of distress” and insisted that it be released to an animal sanctuary.

Birnkrant described forcing horses to draw carriages in Manhattan traffic as a public safety hazard and “animal cruelty,” and called on the city to end the practice “immediately.”

Birnkrant noted that polling shows that the majority of New York residents want the horse carriages removed and demanded that the city council “start listening” and “take action.”

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