Even Ocasio-Cortez Thinks Biden Is Owned by Giant Corporations

Even Ocasio-Cortez Thinks Biden Is Owned by Giant Corporations

(HorizonPost.com) – Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) — a.k.a. AOC — is the proudly Socialist, leader of The Squad, author of the Left-Fascist “Green New Deal,” (GND) and now a critic of Joe Biden. She has gone on the attack regarding his ostensible backpedaling on some promises he made during his as yet-unfulfilled quest for the White House.

History Repeating Itself

While appearing on a podcast on a website named The Intercept (a site known to have published fabricated work in the past), AOC sounded off on many issues, including Biden’s hypothetical selection of cabinet appointees.

The host asked her about the “ultra-hawkish right-wing Democrats” that the former VP is mulling over, and the congresswoman did not hold back. She pointed out that the criticism that these people are retreads from the Barack Obama administration is accurate, but added that many were from the Bill Clinton era, in fact.

She described it as “horrible” during a time when people are feeling increasingly ignored by the elitists in Congress, Biden is apparently using a revolving door mentality.

Dear Joe, Turn Left!

AOC and some of her cohorts, like Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) and Barbara Lee (D-CA) were among the signatories on a letter to the Democratic Party’s nominee in mid-October 2020 urging him to “make the Biden-Harris administration the most progressive administration in modern history.”

She took him to task for what she perceives as his attempts at appeasement, only considering Progressive Liberals for a small smattering of low-level positions. There also seems to be a chasm opening because Biden has signaled a step back from the GND and because an aide says he wants a Justice Department that can keep her and her political allies in check.

There is also speculation any relationship between the Leftists in Congress and any proposed Biden administration could devolve, mirroring the rapport President Trump has with the Liberals, now. But whereas the president’s supporters are somewhat fanatical in their love and loyalty for him, the Democrats who voted for Biden may end up being less than tepid, at best.

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