Even the NIH Is at Odds Over Vaccine Mandates

Even the NIH Is at Odds Over Vaccine Mandates

(HorizonPost.com) – Debates over vaccine mandates and their constitutionality have been happening all over the United States since the introduction of the COVID-19 shot. Surprisingly, the controversy appears not only among private citizens but also in the medical community — even at the National Institutes of Health (NIH). At NIAID, Director Dr. Anthony Fauci’s place of employment, at least one staff member is questioning whether a mandate “is appropriate.”

Dr. Matthew Memoli, who works at the NIH, not only declined a COVID-19 vaccination, but he is against any mandates, saying they’re “extraordinarily problematic.” He applied for a religious exemption.

Although the doctor said he believes in vaccinations for those at high risk of complications from COVID-19, Memoli asserts that forcing those at low risk robs the population of the opportunity to build protective immunities. So, he’s willing to risk his job and medical license to fight for his own and other Americans’ rights to choose.

In June, the American Medical Association (AMA) reported that 96% of doctors surveyed had complete vaccinations against the coronavirus. Currently, the institute must have a fully-vaccinated staff by November 22.

NIH bioethicist, David Wendler, scheduled a roundtable stream for December 1 to discuss the ethics behind COVID-19 mandates for the population.

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