Experts Argue Extra Troops May Make Little Difference With Russia

Experts Argue Extra Troops May Make Little Difference With Russia

( – NATO forces are moving into defensive positions in an effort to discourage Russian President Vladimir Putin from invading Ukraine. On February 3, former West Point history professor Fred Kagan told Fox News that although deploying troops to “Eastern Europe is extremely important,” it will do little to stop Russia if Putin has already decided to invade. President Joe Biden recently announced he would send 3,000 US troops to the region, but not inside Ukraine itself. About 2,000 military members will travel from Fort Bragg, North Carolina, to Poland and Germany, and the remaining 1,000 will move from Germany to Romania.

Some analysts believe it may be too early to predict whether the Russian leader will order an air and missile campaign against Ukraine, destabilizing the country. However, they indicate the US should be prepared for the possibility, as discussed in the article below:


President of the Institute of World Politics, James Anderson, stated the US and NATO need to do more than send a few thousand troops if they plan to deter Putin. He believes sending a more robust package of additional “defensive weapons” from other NATO countries to Kyiv might be enough to show Moscow the cost of invasion is simply too high.

Since some experts already believe sending more troops is not the complete answer, should the US and NATO consider a different approach? Or do you think is the right course of action?

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