Experts Break Down Biden’s China Policies – And It’s Not Looking Good

Experts Break Down Biden's China Policies - And It's Not Looking Good

( – Ever since Chairman Mao Zedong established Communist China, the country has refused to recognize Taiwan as anything but a “province in rebellion,” and much of the world appeases them by calling it Chinese Taipei. The United States of America has long considered the island nation an ally and worked to counter much of the red nation’s aggressiveness in the South China Sea.

However, two experts, Gordon Chang of the Gatestone Institute and Jonathon Ward of the Atlas Organization, appeared on Maria Bartiromo’s Fox News show to express concerns on how that may change under President Joe’s administration Biden. The host referred to an article in the Global Times — which she described as a “mouthpiece” for the Chinese — that was titled “‘Taiwan Independence’ means war not empty threat.”

One of their discussion points was President Biden’s refusal to connect COVID-19 with China in any way, even the possibility that the release of it in Wuhan was accidental. They argue his policies, or lack thereof, will put the two countries into a new Cold War that could lead to the Communist nation’s dominance of the world economy. To be clear, they see that as a bad thing.

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