Experts Think Hillary Clinton May Be Planning Another Run for Office

Experts Think Hillary Clinton May Be Planning Another Run for Office

( – Although former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has been accused of playing a part in spying on former President Donald Trump during the 2016 general election, politics might not be completely in her rearview mirror. Some experts believe she may make another run for office after listening to her speech on February 17 at the Democratic Committee convention in New York.

Clinton spent most of her speech tackling hot button topics, and as a Newsmax report put it, she spoke of “what a Democrat agenda could look like if she were at the helm of the nation.” According to political science professor Chris Haynes, the words she chose that night “screamed” she would probably run. With Biden and Harris continuing to slip in the polls, Democrats may have no choice but to go with someone else like Clinton in 2024.

However, some people doubt she could even win the nomination.

Haynes isn’t the only one who thinks Clinton will try again for a seat in the Oval Office. Former New York State Assembly member Andrew Stein and Democratic Party strategist Doug Schoen wrote in a recent report for The Wall Street Journal that they believed the former First Lady would “seize the opportunity” if given the chance.

Political scientist Nicholas Creel also analyzed Clinton’s speech, which he thinks contained “rhetoric” typically used by those seeking a high office. If she and former President Trump both decide to run, American voters might have to gear up to watch another showdown to end all showdowns. For now, we’ll just have to buckle up and wait until more concrete information becomes available.

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