Facebook Competitor Gets Huge Investment

Facebook Competitor Gets Huge Investment

(HorizonPost.com) – While censorship of ideas was a big topic in 2020, particularly when it came to Conservatives, content creators of all political persuasions have had other issues with Big Tech platforms. Facebook and YouTube, among other social media giants, have increasingly gobbled up advertising revenues that once supported content creators.

Now, a different kind of social media platform — Mighty Networks (MN) — is making a big name for itself, attracting top-notch creators. And it just managed to nab $50 million in investments.

This innovative space, founded by Gina Bianchini in 2017, allows creators to earn money for themselves rather than the Big Tech giants that place ads on their feeds, generating revenue for their already deep pockets. With MN, content fans subscribe to the individual maker’s channel on a monthly or yearly basis, thereby allowing the person who put in the effort to make the profit.

Additionally, one report from Majik Media pointed out that MN doesn’t police creators as strictly as other platforms. The platform administrators figure reasonable adults can monitor themselves and decide what’s offensive to their particular group. It’s a refreshing change from the censorship displayed elsewhere, where individuals and groups pursuing their interests found broadcasting their messages became problematic.

It’s heartening to see the free market work the way it’s supposed to, rewarding individuals for the fruits of their efforts. Maybe Big Tech could learn a few things from little startups like Might Networks.

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