Facebook Orders Another Round Of Layoffs

(HorizonPost.com) – As Meta has been experiencing weaker revenue growth as inflation continues and advertisements are pulled back, the company has ordered another round of layoffs, according to Newsmax. This round is the third and final after Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg announced that layoffs will occur in three “moments.” 

10,000 jobs are expected to be terminated, which is in addition to the 11,000 jobs already slashed in the fall and 4,000 in April. Most of them are non-engineering roles. Employees that informed others of their termination on LinkedIn said that they anticipated cuts into ad sales, marketing, and partnerships teams. Content design and user experience research teams also took a large hit. 

The layoffs are also affecting its international workforce in Dublin, according to Reuters. Almost 20 percent of its Irish force, impacting finance, sales, marketing, analytics, operations, and engineering.

Employees are confused about whether or not they will keep their jobs. The confusion has resulted in some employees reportedly making up their own tasks to appear busy and in others doing nothing at all. Zuckerberg said that the move is to improve efficiency, adding that the boost in hiring in 2020 was his decision. But the move has not been efficient lately. 

Employees have said that the firings have created a confusing environment where they are not sure who they are supposed to be working with or how to reassign duties. In addition to the diffusion of responsibility, the staff has reported feeling anxious and demotivated, consequently affecting work culture and productivity. 

Nevertheless, according to tech veteran Keith Rabois, the excessive number of employees at both Meta and Google does not translate to work. He said that they do “fake work.” The layoffs come as the company is moving toward investments in artificial intelligence and the metaverse, which has reportedly lost $13.7 billion in 2022.

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