Family at Odds Over Unusual Death Ritual

Family at Odds Over Unusual Death Ritual

( – There’s a Reddit thread where people can ask other users the question, AITA? (am I the a**hole?). Questions relate to something that happened in their life, and others can post comments and either validate their position or tell them, “Yes, yes you are.” A woman using the pen name DeathTeethStory said she was taken aback when she went to her husband’s grandmother’s funeral, and family members gave her a bizarre memento — a pouch with one of the deceased’s molars.

Somewhere along the family tree, somebody apparently decided their loved ones didn’t need their teeth in whatever afterlife they entered. Now, when somebody dies, undertakers remove their teeth at the family’s request and divide them up among surviving kinfolk. Also, to remember those who died before them, family members place the collection of undistributed pearly whites in a box that reportedly holds thousands of teeth.

The unnamed Reddit author goes on to explain that her husband expects her to take part in the ritual when she dies as well, something she’s not exactly keen on doing. According to her, the issue is even putting a strain on their marriage.

With an overwhelming response, most Reddit readers declared the poster was NTA (Not the A**hole).

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