Famous Actor Holds His Own in Gubernatorial Poll

Famous Actor Holds His Own in Gubernatorial Poll

(HorizonPost.com) – In the US, anyone meeting certain qualifications can run for office, and sometimes it helps one’s chances of winning if a person already has an audience. Texas-born actor Matthew McConaughey certainly has a fanbase that could possibly support a political career, and he recently considered throwing his cowboy hat in the ring for governor of the Lone Star state. In November, a statewide poll showed McConaughey leading in a matchup with Governor Greg Abbott (R-TX) 43% to 35%.

The poll also had the actor beating leading Democratic candidate Beto O’Rourke by a shocking 22 percentage points. It appears McConaughey would be a fierce competitor for the governor’s position in 2022 if he decided to run.

Although the Oscar winner took some time studying Texas and American politics, McConaughey announced on November 28 that he’s not taking a political path at this time. In his video, the Texan stated he learned a lot while contemplating the decision, and he believes the country has “divides that need healing.”

Instead of running for office, McConaughey wants to use his time to support businesses, entrepreneurs and foundations helping people and communities succeed.

Many residents of Texas expressed great interest in seeing the actor leading their state. Would you like to see him run in the future?

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