Famous Leftist Calls For Segregation, But “Dilbert” Comic Writer Was Cancelled For Saying Same Thing

(HorizonPost.com) – Scott Adams, the creator of the comic strip Dilbert, has been canceled and condemned as a racist for saying the same thing as a famous left-winger. The cartoonist was responding to a poll that revealed 26% of black people disagreed with the statement “it’s ok to be white.” He said such people were guilty of hate and should be avoided. His comic strip was immediately barred from a number of publications and he was described as a racist by major outlets, including USA Today and the Los Angeles Times. On the other hand, Robin DiAngelo, the author of the racially charged book White Fragility, has also said that black and white people should keep a distance from each other, but in the name of the safety of black people because white oppressors will harm them.

DiAngelo made the remarks when participating in a webinar entitled Racial Justice: The Next Frontier. She said, “I think people of color need to get away from white people and have some community with each other.” The author is an advocate of so-called critical race theory which purports that all whites are racist and oppressors of black people. It is a crucial element of the neo-Marxist philosophy that societies contain two groups – the oppressed and the oppressor, and that one must be kept safe from the other. This theory is taught to children in schools across America and some Republican politicians, including Ron DeSantis, have intervened and banned it from institutions in their states. 

The Dilbert creator has refused to back down and said the controversy buoyed his mood and has increased the attention he receives online. While his publishers have dropped him, he has received support from Twitter owner Elon Musk, who said he is the victim of a growing and insidious racism against whites and Asians in America. Adams added that left-wing white people in the media are creating and perpetuating the problem.

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