Famous News Anchor Suspended After Major Revelations

Famous News Anchor Suspended After Major Revelations

(HorizonPost.com) – When former Governor Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) resigned from his position in August amongst sexual harassment allegations, he turned to his brother for help. Recently released documents show Chris Cuomo’s involvement went deeper than simply giving guidance, prompting CNN to suspend the Cuomo Prime Time host.

In August, Chris admitted to his audience he listened to his brother and offered advice, which broke the rules of the station. However, the news outlet forgave the indiscretion citing family comes first. Now they discovered he used his position to gather information for Andrew regarding the case against him.

Investigators asked the TV personality if he contacted sources or other journalists to see if they had any information about more accusers against the ex-politician. Chris revealed he did, in fact, reach out to his contacts, contradicting his previous on-air statement in August. He told his audience at the time that he didn’t make any “calls to the press” about the situation.

Andrew’s accuser, Charlotte Bennett, is demanding the news outlet fire the host. CNN said the documents raised “serious questions” about Chris’ involvement and stated his suspension was indefinite, “pending further evaluation.”

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