Famous Trump Building Demolished in Atlantic City


(HorizonPost.com) – The people of Atlantic City, NJ witnessed a sight on Wednesday, February 17, signaling urban renewal as the old was cleared to make space for the new. Trump Plaza casino skyscraper, formerly the crown jewel of the city’s gaming industry, was demolished years after closing. Former President Donald Trump developed the casino in 1984, long before his White House run.

Many Liberals turned the event into a celebration by bidding for VIP seats or paying $10 each for parking spaces to view the implosion. The city’s Democratic Mayor, Marty Small Sr., even went so far as to try to make it a worldwide spectacle by enticing people to bid for the honor to push the button that would set off the dynamite remotely or in person.

Others came to watch it with a sense of nostalgia, like a man named Michael Raimer who had worked there as a cook for 20 years. According to an article from the New York Times, he said, “It was an establishment that really took care of a lot of Atlantic City people.”

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