Fatal Explosion Has Huge Impact in Haiti

Fatal Explosion Has Huge Impact in Haiti

(HorizonPost.com) – In 2021, Haiti faced its share of tragedies, including devastating floods in August and a 7.2-magnitude earthquake that triggered landslides and killed nearly 1,300 Haitians in the same month. Now, the country is dealing with another crisis, albeit on a smaller scale. On December 13, a truck carrying gasoline exploded in the country’s second-largest city of Cap-Haitien, reportedly killing at least 75 as of Wednesday.

The blaze affected nearly 50 houses in the area, rendering many uninhabitable. Deputy Mayor Patrick Almonor stated Tuesday that the “situation is critical,” and they need help. He reported over 100 people are suffering from injuries from the blast, and hospitals are overwhelmed.

Officials are asking the public for blood donations while rescue efforts continue. In addition, UNICEF is sending medical kits to Cap-Haitien to help care for the many burn victims.

Sadly, in the throes of the incident, passersby were reportedly collecting spilled gasoline in buckets for their own use, showing the desperation in Haiti.

Many of the injured and killed lay in the street for hours following the explosion. Prime Minister Ariel Henry deployed field hospitals to the area so the wounded could have a place to receive care. The leader called for three days of national mourning for those lost in the tragedy.

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