FBI Investigates Tax Information Leak

FBI Investigates Tax Information Leak

(HorizonPost.com) – ProPublica is an organization that presents itself as an investigative journalism newsroom dedicated to bringing the truth to light. A recent story has drawn the attention of outraged members of Congress and is now the focus of an FBI investigation.

On June 8, ProPublica reported on a trove of illegally leaked income tax records on the wealthiest Americans, highlighting how little they tend to pay to the IRS. Republican Senators Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, Chuck Grassley of Iowa, and Mike Crapo of Idaho sent a letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland and FBI Director Christopher Wray “demanding a prompt investigation and prosecution of the latest IRS leak of confidential taxpayer information.”

However, some are wondering why the politicians are so intent on discovering who leaked the documents rather than what the richest-of-the-rich end up owing on the billions of dollars they make. Their report claims the following instances of people paying no federal income tax:

  • Jeff Bezos in 2007 and 2011
  • Elon Musk in 2018
  • George Soros on three unspecified occasions

The Editorial Board of the Wall Street Journal suggested that the leak’s timing was suspicious, considering the Liberal push to promote President Joe Biden’s huge tax increase proposal. They, like the Republican senators, rightly point out that whoever provided the information committed a crime and opined that the hacker — whose identity remains unknown — “leaked the documents to influence the debate in Congress.”

There is also outrage growing from the left, according to a story posted on fair.org on June 17. The post claims that the politicians of both parties want to apprehend the person leaking information but have not mentioned what these tax returns allegedly say about “wealth inequality.”

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