FBI Scraps Old Guidance After Backlash

(HorizonPost.com) – According to a suspended FBI agent, the FBI canceled a required course on sexual orientation and gender identity in 2021 after employees objected to being tested on their understanding of “transgender descriptors.”

According to documents, the test, sponsored by the Office of Diversity and Inclusion (ODI), was designed to increase agents’ awareness of the LGBT community and demonstrate how to be “an ally for LGBT+ colleagues.”

The 56-page exam provided instructions on how to use pronouns, define gender identities and sexual orientations, write or speak about transgender people, use the word “queer,” and ask LGBT people appropriate questions.

Kyle Seraphin, a suspended FBI agent, said that the test was initially required of all employees but was later dropped in response to criticism in the online comments section.

According to Seraphin, the reviews and comment section for this training were so unfavorable that the FBI simply removed it without informing anyone.

The ODI, established in 2013 by the Obama administration, mainly went dormant under the Trump administration before being reactivated by President Joe Biden, according to Seraphin.

The FBI website states that “ODI was founded in 2013 to develop and implement strategies that support our diverse workforce and foster a culture that integrates diversity, equity, and inclusion.”

According to the website, 2.2% of the FBI declared themselves LGBT+ as of August 2022.

“I’m Special Agent Jones, and I use he/him pronouns” is one of the acceptable greetings for agents listed in the course.
“I appreciate your time with me today. What pronouns and first name should I use to address you?” the course recommends as a greeting.

The test asks for pronouns like they/them/their and ze/hir/hir.

The test also instructs agents to use the pronouns transgender clients insist on and treat them “like a pregnancy” while transitioning.

The advice states, “When the person tells you their new name/pronoun, use it and insist others do the same.”

The COVID-19 vaccine refusal resulted in Seraphin’s suspension from the FBI, and he described the pronoun training as “a type of compelled speech.”

In Seraphin’s opinion, the FBI’s practice of violating First Amendment-protected spaces represents the “next iteration” of such coerced speech, which is essentially what the training entails.

The exam also encourages agents to “go the extra mile” and be “allies.”
The test is placed above a picture of FBI agents marching in a pride parade while toting a flag that reads “#UnexpectedAgent” and urges them to “participate in local Pride events and support field office LGBT+ events.”

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