FDA Receives Backlash After Reducing Restrictions on Abortion Pills

FDA Receives Backlash After Reducing Restrictions on Abortion Pills

(HorizonPost.com) – Amid the abortion controversy happening across the United States, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) lifted restrictions on access to abortion pills on December 16. Previous rules required women to seek the medication from a doctor in person, but now, providers can deliver it by mail. While pro-choice groups are happy about the FDA’s decision, pro-life advocates think the ruling is “reckless and insane.”

President of Pro-life group Students for Life, Kristan Hawkins, told Fox News she believes the FDA and President Joe Biden don’t care about unborn babies. She also marked December 16 as a “sad day for women across America” and described medical abortions as not only painful but dangerous. Pro-choice advocates see the move as a win for women’s rights.

Although women won’t have to visit a doctor to access the medication, they still have to get a prescription from a healthcare provider.

According to the CDC, about 54% of all terminations happen with the assistance of medication before 10 weeks. Although the FDA changed access rules permanently, reports point out tha 19 states have banned women’s abilities to obtain the abortion pill through telehealth.

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