Five People Face Charges After Brutal Assault

( – A Carter County, Tennessee grand jury last Thursday indicted five people in connection to an August 2023 brutal assault that left the victim’s skull fractured.

Deputies from the Carter County Sheriff’s Office responded to a report of an assault last August in which the 29-year-old victim had been brutally beaten and left with a severe head injury. The victim had contacted his family to say that he had been assaulted by several people who used brass knuckles, a baseball bat, and a cast iron skillet to attack him.

During the investigation into the assault, the victim’s family gave investigators the names of the individuals involved. The hospital confirmed that the victim’s skull was fractured in the attack.

The victim’s vehicle was found at a boat ramp not far from where the attack took place. Deputies also found a broken skillet and blood evidence at the scene.

The victim was initially unable to give investigators a statement after the attack due to the severity of his injuries. He later provided investigators with information on the people involved in the assault.

Based on the victim’s information and evidence gathered at the scene, investigators were able to identify and arrest the five individuals.

In a statement posted on Facebook, the Carter County Sheriff’s Office confirmed that a grand jury indicted five people — four men and a woman — on May 8 and all of them had been charged in the attack.

The five suspects were 33-year-old Jerry Carden Jr., 32-year-old Meesha Williams, 24-year-old Kelvin Bradley Jr., 21-year-old Jeffrey Brooks, and 19-year-old Daniel Shearl. Four of the suspects are from Elizabethton while Jeffrey Brook is from Johnson City.

All five suspects were charged with attempted second-degree murder, aggravated assault with a weapon, and conspiracy to commit second-degree murder. Carden and Williams were also charged with filing a false report and tampering with evidence.

The bond for the suspects was set at $25,000 each. Carden, Williams, Bradley, and Brooks were released on bond while Daniel Shearl remained in custody.

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