Flights Reportedly Grounded Over North Korea’s Missile Test

Flights Reportedly Grounded Over North Korea's Missile Test

( – North Korea seems to be advancing its weapons program at an increased rate, causing concerns around the globe. In fact, the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) temporarily grounded West Coast flights on January 10 in response to the secretive country firing a ballistic missile eastward. Although the US military’s Indopacific Command stated there was no immediate threat to the US or its allies, radio transmissions allegedly suggested the launch posed a “national security threat.” The grounding only lasted about 15 minutes.

The launch traveled 435 miles at about 10 times the speed of sound and was allegedly the second one from North Korea in less than a week.

The country claims to have had a successful hypersonic missile launch on January 5. According to South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff, this ballistic missile seemed “more advanced” than the first.

Since California sits closest to North Korea, the shutdown is common practice in that area of the country. The FAA insists the move was merely precautionary and committed to investigating the incident, as it does all the others.

Evidently, both missiles appeared to originate from the Jagang Province on the country’s east coast.

The United States indicated the launch violated many UN Security Council Resolutions and affirmed its commitment to defend Japan and South Korea against attacks.

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