Food Shortage in North Korea to Continue, Report Says

Food Shortage in North Korea to Continue, Report Says

( – With supply chain issues causing problems in the United States, one concern is its effect on American families’ ability to buy food. In North Korea, the crisis is already underway. The communist nation has been dealing with food shortages since its dictator, Kim Jong-un, decided to close the border with China to stop the coronavirus spread in 2020. Now, he’s instructing his citizens to eat less food because the problem could reportedly last until at least 2025.

Food Troubles in North Korea

Food that does make its way into North Korea is available at inflated prices as demand increases and supply decreases, leading to alleged starvation under Kim’s watch. Considering the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations estimates 40% of the country’s population of about 25 million were already malnourished and struggling in 2019, consuming less food likely won’t help the problem.

The UN Food and Agriculture Organization puts food shortage numbers throughout the country behind about two months. Some citizens don’t know how they’ll survive.

Although officials in North Korea insist the problems stem from the pandemic, some aren’t buying the explanation. They think economic sanctions from the US and UN are to blame, along with natural disasters that have hit the closed-off nation. In response, the United Nation’s Special Rapporteur on human rights called for a review and ease on sanctions for humanitarian reasons.

Before the current crisis, Kim concentrated on strengthening his military by testing weapons and missiles with potential nuclear capabilities. He supposedly paused the practice to focus on the coronavirus and the nation’s economy.

However, as the communist nation’s people struggled to eat, South Korea reported he began testing again in October as the North’s military launched a projectile into the Sea of Japan, causing strife in the region.

The Price of Communism

With some citizens already reportedly starving to death and others questioning their survival over the next few months, hearing from North Korea’s leader the crisis could continue for four more years must be devastating. Regardless of the struggles the nation is facing, authorities allegedly have little intention of reopening their border with China.

Dictator Kim Jong-un recognized the food situation was “getting tense” earlier this year, but residents doubt the leader knows how badly his citizens are struggling. Unless he comes up with a better plan to feed them, the people of North Korea could pay for his mishandling with their lives.

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