Former Afghanistan VP Announces Himself as ‘Caretaker President’

Former Afghanistan VP Announces Himself as 'Caretaker President'

( – When former President Donald Trump negotiated a treaty with the Taliban, it included a May 1, 2021 withdrawal deadline for American and allied NATO forces. When the Biden administration unilaterally changed the date to September 11, the insurgent group leaders warned there would be consequences. The Americans stayed, and Taliban forces started a new offensive. Roughly six weeks after United States forces left Kandahar Airbase, the capital city of Kabul fell.

As the demise of his government became a near-certainty, Afghan President Ashraf Ghani abandoned the presidential palace and took his family to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) “to avoid a flood of blood.”

In the wake of Ghani’s departure, First Vice President Amrullah Saleh announced himself the “caretaker” president from a stronghold in the Panjshir Valley, according to France 24.

Saleh has called on Afghans to rally to his cause, telling them “it is futile to argue with [Biden]… JOIN THE RESISTANCE.” An opinion piece found on TFIPOST of India said Saleh is one of a few leaders who could potentially give the terrorist group “a bloody nose” and, with some time, and foreign help, take back the country.

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