Former CIA Officer Weighs in on Putin’s Actions

Former CIA Officer Weighs in on Putin's Actions

( – Retired CIA Senior Clandestine Services Officer Dan Hoffman recently spoke with Fox News Digital about the situation between Russia and Ukraine. According to the expert, Russian President Vladimir Putin isn’t the same “calculated chess player” he once was, but someone who’s acting erratically by using the threat of nuclear weapons against those helping Ukraine. He compared the leader to more of a poker player using bluffs instead of a savvy chess player making planned moves.

In a video clip posted to Fox News on February 26, the retired CIA officer also indicated that he wonders if there will come a point where his defense team will question his orders once he hits a certain level of instability.

Hoffman said he believes the United States may have missed its opportunity to do more that could have deterred Putin. He thinks the US and perhaps other countries should have given more weapons to Ukraine to deter the Russian leader.

He also thinks it’s only a matter of time before Russian military leaders question further orders given that Putin is breaking international laws by attacking civilians, neighborhoods and schools. In the meantime, Putin will continue to escalate with threats in an attempt to stop other nations from supplying Ukraine with what it needs to fend off the unprovoked attack.

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