Fury Erupts After School Announces Plan for COVID

Fury Erupts Among Parents After School Announces Plan for COVID

(HorizonPost.com) – When a parent prepares their child for the school day, they often pack a lunch with the typical items like a sandwich, some chips or apple slices, and maybe a juice box. But moms and dads in one California district are being advised to include some bulky and distinctly inedible items such as rain gear and perhaps an extra change of clothes for their youngsters.

When Principal Gay Bourguignon sent out an email to the parents of Patwin Elementary School, she set off an explosion heard across the country. She started with an advisory that rain was expected for the week ahead and noted the Davis Joint Unified School District policy stating, “students are required to eat outside at this time due to COVID restrictions” and suggested parents dress their kids accordingly.

Jonathan Zachreson, the founder of Reopen California Schools, spoke to Fox News, calling this a continuation of “the inhumane treatment of children,” adding to the mandate that the children wear masks for the entire day even when they’re outside. State Legislator Kevin Kiley (R) echoed this sentiment. He tweeted, “cruelty to children has been normalized in California.”

The school backtracked a little bit, saying they would not enforce the outside eating rule if there were a “heavy downpour” — without ever defining the term.

Mr. Kiley, in a separate tweet, called out a Sonoma County school, saying that it’s requiring students eating indoors on rainy days to wear their facemasks while they’re chewing their food.

What do you think? Are schools going to far with their COVID-19 restrictions for kids?

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