Gaza Ceasefire Demand Disrupts Harris Event

( – Kamala Harris and husband Doug Emhoff’s holiday party at the Vice President’s residence turned sour on Monday when a guest decided to heckle the Veep during her remarks, the New York Post reported.

The Vice President and Second Gentleman hosted the holiday gathering for state and local Democrat officials at the US Naval Observatory on Monday. As Vice President Harris was in the middle of her speech, Delaware state Rep. Madinah Wilson-Anton, one of the invited guests, spoiled the moment by unfurling a sign reading “Ceasefire” and heckling her host.

Wilson-Anton asked Harris if she was aware that they weren’t celebrating Christmas in Bethlehem, claiming that Bethlehem was “under rubble.”

Bethlehem is in the West Bank, not Gaza, and is not “under rubble.”

Wilson-Anton shouted at Harris, demanding to know why the vice president won’t “call for a ceasefire.”

The easily-rattled Harris told the rude Wilson-Anton that she appreciated that the state rep. wanted “to be heard,” but she was speaking “right now.”

Unsurprisingly, Wilson-Anton was quickly placed on the Naughty list and escorted out of the vice president’s residence.

Elected in 2020, Wilson-Anton is the first Muslim elected in Delaware. Before getting into politics, she worked as an analyst at the Biden Institute at the University of Delaware.

Following her ejection from the Veep’s holiday party, Wilson-Anton posted a video of the exchange on X to boast about her protest.

In her post, Wilson-Anton said, “Christmas in cancelled [sic] in Bethlehem,” and added multiple pro-Hamas/anti-Israel hashtags, including #FreePalestine, #GazaGenocide, #StopArmingIsrael, and #CeasefireNOW.

The Biden administration’s support for Israel has angered some Democrat voters.

According to a CBS News poll released on Sunday, 38 percent of Democrats believe that President Biden has shown too much support for Israel, and 26 percent of Democrats want the president to openly show his support for the Pro-Palestinian protesters in the US.

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