GOP Candidate Threatened Rival, Reports Say

GOP Candidate Threatened Rival, Reports Say

( – Allegations worthy of a movie or soap opera plot are surfacing in the GOP primary for Florida’s 13th Congressional District. One candidate for the seat is alleging that a potential rival has threatened to kill her if she starts gaining the upper hand in the race.

Anna Paulina Luna asked the Pinellas County court for a “TEMPORARY INJUNCTION [sic] for protection against stalking” against William Braddock in a holographic (handwritten) filing. As is typical in these cases, the judge granted her request pending an in-person hearing with Braddock in attendance.

Put simply, Ms. Luna went to the police and gave them what she believed was “evidence” that Braddock committed this offense. It is NOT a conviction, nor even an arrest.

These particular allegations are based upon a third-party recording of the supposed threat by Erin Olszewski. However, recording a telephone call without the other person’s consent is a third-degree felony in the state, so a court might not be able to accept it as evidence.

On the recording, Braddock allegedly said, “I have access to a hit squad, too… Luna’s gonna go down…” After receiving the injunction, he said several aspects of her complaint were inaccurate and quite bluntly said, “this woman is off her rocker.” It almost seems as if Chicago’s legendary hardball politics has decided to become a snowbird and head to Florida. Then again, this might be even worse.

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