GOP Investigators Point Finger At Pelosi For Jan 6

( – GOP investigators are pointing a finger at House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for her role in the Capitol riot on January 6. Text messages and emails from the speaker revealed that she played a greater role in the event than what was initially thought, according to the Daily Wire. Pelosi reportedly held regular meetings on security detail, helped edit authorities’ plans ahead of the day, and even turned down requests from law enforcement to protect the Capitol.

Reps. Jim Banks, Rodney Davis, Troy Nehls, Jim Jordan, and Kelly Armstrong published an independent report of 141 pages alleging that House Democrats left the premises vulnerable. Key meetings with Pelosi involved security detail, but Republicans were excluded from attending. Democratic leadership was reportedly concerned with the “optics” of having the National Guard protect Capitol grounds.

“Democrats and the Jan. 6 Committee used the Capitol Police as a political prop, then did nothing when USCP officers were harassed for telling the truth,” Banks told The Federalist. “They should be ashamed.”

Former Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund claimed that Pelosi turned down requests ahead of January 6 several times, adding that then-House Sergeant at Arms Paul Irving was also concerned with the “optics” of that deployment.

A month after the riot, Pelosi reportedly alleged that she had no control over Capitol Police so that she would be exonerated from responsibility.

But the GOP report shows that Pelosi’s claim is false, citing documents showing that Irving deferred to Pelosi and Democratic leadership. The sergeant at arms reportedly reports to the speaker, which continued after the Capitol riot when fencing was erected around the Capitol building and National Guardsmen were stationed to protect the premises.

The report states that Irving had met with the speaker for all security decisions. Shortly after taking heat from House Republicans, Pelosi forced Irving to resign.

U.S. Capitol Police reportedly received plenty of information before the event to “anticipate and prepare for the violence.”

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