GOP Lawmaker Rips Opposition for Soft Approach to Summer Unrest

GOP Lawmaker Rips Opposition for Soft Approach to Summer Unrest

( – Representative Tom McClintock (R-CA) delivered remarks on the House floor, scolding the Left for several of their recent actions — or lack thereof. He covered the Antifa and Black Lives Matter (BLM) instigated riots over the summer of 2020, the second impeachment of President Donald Trump, and delivered a timely warning to those who voted in favor of the most recent article. His tweet and video of his speech can be seen here:

The Season of Discontent

The deaths of too many Black Americans during encounters with law enforcement were the purported impetus for the mob violence and rioting over the summer months in Seattle, WA, Portland, OR, and Milwaukee, WI, amongst others. The Progressives in Congress and the media, tacitly and directly, supported and justified these destructive and deadly acts.

McClintock pulled no punches when he told the Democrats their reticence during those days might have contributed to the actions that led to deaths and mayhem on Capitol Hill on January 6, 2021. Citing their zeal to prosecute everybody they can find who was involved in the Capitol incident, he said, “if we’d prosecuted BLM and Antifa rioters with the same determination… this incident may not have happened at all.”

Impeachment Part II

The vindictive nature of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and the others of her ilk, including the 10 Republicans who joined in and passed a new article of impeachment for “inciting insurrection,” is on full display. Whether this is another publicity stunt, like the first go-around, or retaliation for the Republicans in the House and the Senate who objected to certain Electoral College results is unclear.

What is clear is that at least some pundits on the Left are giving voice to the fact that their group just doesn’t care what Conservatives might feel — even though Joe Biden ran on a platform that included the idea of restoring unity within the country. They are now more than willing to reject it.

Setting a Dangerous Standard

Representative McClintock warned his colleagues they were taking a dangerous step for future activities. Attempting to hold President Trump accountable for alleged fringe supporters’ actions could be a precedent that boomerangs on them.

While he did think the president’s speech may have been too emphatic, McClintock pointed to Trump’s plea for the protesters to “peaceably and patriotically make their voices heard.” The Representative voiced the concern that any future unrest sparked by a politician’s impassioned speech could be used in the same manner.

It appears the installation of the Biden/Harris administration is possible, meaning there will be a 50-50 split in the Senate, and any ties on a floor vote would almost certainly be decided in favor of the Democrats. And they have gleefully told the nation they plan to use that power to implement their Agenda.

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