GOP Lawmaker Stands up to Protect America From Biden Policy

GOP Lawmaker Stands up to Protect America From Biden Policy

( – Naval Station Guantánamo Bay (often referred to as Gitmo) is located on the island of Cuba. It includes a military prison housing some of the most dangerous people in the world with ties to terrorist organizations like Al Qaeda and the Taliban.

President Joe Biden has announced his desire to close it, intending to relocate some prisoners to the continental United States. This proposal spurred Representative Jeff Duncan (R-SC) to introduce a bill to quash those ideas.

Another lawmaker from his state, Rep. Nancy Mace (R), was the first to sign on as a co-sponsor of the measure. They both have expressed their concerns about putting America’s enemies within its borders being both dangerous and foolhardy.

This plan is another example of the Biden administration trying to reinstate the policies of his old boss, former President Barack Obama. It was a spectacular failure. While on the campaign trail in 2008, they pledged to close Gitmo within a year. However, their $80 million budget proposal to achieve the objective was defeated by a 90 to 6 Senate vote in May 2009. Despite a razor-thin Democrat majority in both houses, History may repeat itself.

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