GOP Leaders Go to Border – Where’s Biden?

GOP Leaders Call for Change at the Border

( – When President Joe Biden took over the White House, it was with the promise that things would change along the border between the United States and Mexico, and they have … just not in the way most Liberals thought they would. Detention centers used to house migrant children — closed by former President Donald Trump — have reopened, and the number of people living in makeshift shelters has reached crisis levels.

House Minority Leader Representative Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) and a delegation of Republicans visited the area near El Paso, Texas, to get a first-hand view of the problems there. During a news conference, they said what they found ” … is more than a crisis; this is a human heartbreak.”

In addition to the suffering endured by the hordes of migrants who expected Biden to keep the promises he made regarding deportations and border crossings, the group of Conservatives found problems that could impact America’s security. The lawmakers also noted problems with the dangerous drug fentanyl coming over and finding people on the terrorist watch list among those awaiting entry.

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