Government Reportedly Neglects Space Force at Critical Time

Government Neglects Space Force at Critical Time, Analysts Argue

( – Former President Donald Trump established the US Space Force in 2019 as an independent military branch of the Department of the Air Force. Its mission was primarily to protect United States’ property in space, like satellites and space-based systems, from foreign attacks. However, it seems the current administration isn’t utilizing the new branch to its full capability, causing concern as China and Russia continue to target American assets in orbit.

Reports have emerged suggesting that Russia and China have been interfering with US satellites, systems, and optics. The Kremlin has also conducted weapons tests in recent months to destroy its own satellites. Meanwhile, the Chinese military recently tested hypersonic missiles traveling several times faster than the speed of sound. According to a software officer for the Air Force, Nicolas Chaillan, the two powers are ahead of the US in the space war arena, and the administration doesn’t recognize the importance of acting proactively in the new domain.

He urges President Joe Biden to make the investments necessary to use the new branch to its fullest extent so the United States can get ahead of the competition. More importantly, Chaillan believes a space attack is coming, and he fears the US isn’t ready. Until the administration takes the perceived threat seriously, America could be vulnerable to countries continuing to advance in space warfare.

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