Groundbreaking Ceremony Held for Korean War Memorial

Groundbreaking Ceremony Kicks Off Construction for Veteran Memorial

( – The Korean War (1950 – 1953) is sometimes called “the forgotten war,” but for the veterans who served and the families of those who never returned, it’ll never be that.

A Wall of Remembrance surrounding the Pool of Remembrance was commissioned at the Korean War Veterans Memorial in Washington, DC. It will honor those 36,574 individuals, listing each name with tributes to the wounded, prisoners of war, or those still officially listed as missing in action (MIA).

Over the three years of the war, approximately 5 million civilians and military personnel lost their lives to the violence. South Korean President Moon Jae-in attended the groundbreaking ceremony to honor the men and women who came to his homeland, fighting to preserve it against the invasion of North Korea and the People’s Republic of China.

Even decades later, the aftermath of the conflict still makes headlines. On Friday, May 21, President Joe Biden awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor to retired Colonel Ralph Puckett Jr. for his service as an Army Ranger Commander during the Korean conflict. The day before, on May 20, the body of Corporal Clifford Johnson, recovered from North Korea after more than 70 years, was finally laid to rest in Saratoga, New York.

For many, the new memorial will provide a tangible place where they can honor and remember those who served.

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