Gun Company Faces Blowback Over Controversial Firearm Kit

Gun Company Faces Blowback Over Controversial Add-On

( – Sometimes, when a company tries to be clever about how it makes a political statement, they can end up shooting themselves in the foot. This time that could’ve been literal. Ask any reasonable supporter of the Second Amendment right to bear arms if a Glock-19 9mm handgun is a toy, and the answer will be a resounding “NO!” Unfortunately, the gunsmith shop Culper Precision in Provo, Utah, didn’t ask that question before they decided to wrap the weapon in LEGO® bricks.

The gunmaker/customizer wrote they “wanted the Second Amendment to simply be too painful to tread on.” While many parents can attest to the fact that the plastic building blocks hurt like he— the Dickens — when stepped upon, the customization shop didn’t think their analogy all the way through. The reaction to their “Block-19” was swift and harsh, including a cease and desist letter from the toy manufacturer. The product has already been taken off the market thanks to the blowback.

Why is this such an asinine idea? Well, in November 2014 in Cleveland, Ohio, a 12-year-old boy, Tamir Rice, lost his life when he pointed a toy gun that was visually identical to a real weapon at a police officer. Flip that around and imagine a real criminal having one of these LEGO-encrusted guns and how much damage they could do before anyone realized it wasn’t a toy.

That’s why what Culper Precision did is so wildly irresponsible. All it would do is create more chaos and death. Yes, the Second Amendment should be protected as the precious right it is, but a stunt like this was destined to backfire and give the opposition a lot of ammunition to use in their assault upon it.

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