High-Profile US Navy Officer Dies

Beloved US Navy Officer Dies

(HorizonPost.com) – Richard Marcinko was born in Pennsylvania in November 1940. He joined the Navy at an early age and worked his way up through the ranks to eventually attend the Naval Postgraduate School and Auburn University. He served two tours in Vietnam where he reached hero status as the founder and commanding officer of a prestigious group of men. Sadly, the man known as The Rogue Warrior passed away on Christmas night. His son posted the news on Twitter the next day, stating some of his accomplishments as a “true legend.”

During his illustrious career, Marcinko commanded SEAL Team Six and Red Cell, two top counter-terrorist teams helping to ensure the safety of the US in the early 1980s.

Although North Vietnam tried to assassinate Marcinko, the hero made it home to receive his accolades. Over his long and distinguished military career, he received 34 citations and medals, including 4 Bronze Stars for exceptional heroism, the Silver Star for his courage, and the Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry.

After his retirement, Marcinko became a bestselling author, writing several books about his many adventures in life.

Former Navy SEALs and admirers took to social media after hearing the sad news to share their personal thoughts and stories about Marcinko. Certainly, he leaves a “legacy like no other.”

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