High Seas Clash: Israeli Forces Target Hamas Terrorists

(HorizonPost.com) – The Israel Defense Forces released video footage over the weekend showing a Navy squad stopping several Hamas terrorists from reaching the Israeli coastline during the surprise attacks launched by Hamas on October 7, Fox News reported.

According to the IDF, a Snapir unit of the Israeli Navy is seen firing on the Hamas terrorists as they attempt to swim to the shore near the coastal city of Ashdod to infiltrate Israel by the sea. The Snapir unit “thwarted” the terrorists and prevented them from reaching the coastline, the IDF said.

In the footage, speedboats belonging to Hamas are seen burning as the surviving terrorists try to swim to shore along with Hamas divers. The Snapir unit deployed depth charges from small boats while others opened fire on the terrorists in the water.

According to Defense News, the Israeli Navy has three Snapir units based at ports along the Mediterranean in the coastal cities of Ashdod and Haifa as well as the Red Sea port city of Eilat.

Snapir acts as a port security force in addition to conducting border patrols and underwater operations.

Since last weekend’s deadly attack by Hamas, Great Britain has been patrolling the eastern Mediterranean with warships, surveillance aircraft, and the Royal Marines.

The US Pentagon ordered a carrier strike group led by the aircraft carrier USS Gerald R. Ford to the region last week. Over the weekend, Secretary Lloyd Austin announced that a second carrier strike group will be heading to the eastern Mediterranean as well, CNN reported.

According to Secretary Austin, the warships are not deployed to join in Israel’s war against Hamas but to serve as a deterrence to Iran and its proxies in the region, including Hezbollah in Lebanon.

The second carrier strike group will be led by USS Dwight D. Eisenhower out of Norfolk, Virginia.

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