Hochul Faces Criticism for Calling Trump Supporters ‘Clowns’

(HorizonPost.com) – New York’s Democrat Governor Kathy Hochul accused the New Yorkers who attended Donald Trump’s campaign rally in the Bronx of being “clowns.”

Hochul, who during the 2022 elections told conservative New Yorkers to move to Florida, appeared on CNN’s “The Lead” last Thursday where she discussed the former president’s Bronx rally scheduled for later that day.

Host Jake Tapper suggested that the Trump campaign was seeking to boost its support among black and Hispanic voters and asked the governor what Democrats should do to “solidify and mobilize” their base of support.

Hochul dismissed Trump’s efforts to reach out to New York voters, saying it “won’t make a difference at all.” She accused Donald Trump of being a “ringleader” who invited “all his clowns” to the Bronx and asserted that voters in New York would never support Trump for president.

Hochul added that New Yorkers knew Trump “better than anyone” and that they understand that Trump is “just for himself.” She insisted that New York State would be “solidly behind Joe Biden” in November as it was in 2020.

Later in the interview, Jake Tapper asked Governor Hochul what more could be done to address New York City’s violent crime wave.

Rather than answer the question, Hochul claimed that if Trump was elected, he would “unwind” New York’s strict gun laws and ensure that “everybody has guns.” The president does not have the authority to “unwind” state laws.

Hochul also claimed that Democrats in New York have lowered the crime rate by getting “illegal guns off the streets.” She acknowledged that there was still a crime problem in New York and residents have “a sense of anxiety” about it but argued that it was the Democrat Party that was “in the trenches doing something about it.”

According to recent polling, declining voter enthusiasm may be a problem for President Biden in the General Election.

A survey released on May 20 by the Pew Research Center found that Biden’s support among black voters is only 77 percent, a 15 percent drop from the 2020 election.

An Ipsos-Axios poll from April found that support for Trump among Hispanic voters is increasing while President Biden is losing support.

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