Idaho Man Accused of Horrific Crimes

Idaho Man Accused of Eating Victim

( – On September 10, James David Russell allegedly murdered 70-year old David Flaget of Bonner County, Idaho. Police reported finding a “thermal artifact” along with a microwave and knife, both with traces of blood, while investigating the accused killer’s home. Apparently, the disturbed victim may have had cannibalistic tendencies and had planned to preserve his victims. An autopsy conducted on September 13, by Dr. Veena Singh, confirmed the body parts indeed belonged to Flaget.

The victim allegedly had disagreements with Russell before his death. According to Bonner County Detective Phillip Stella, there were warning signs of the murderer’s instability beforehand.

Court documents spell out the thought process that led Russell to commit both the fatal and post-mortem crimes against Mr. Flaget. The police reportedly found the victim positioned awkwardly in his truck with injuries experts believe are consistent with postmortem activity.

The deranged killer appears to have believed that his particular actions would help to heal his brain. The detective is on record as stating he believes this is the first charge of cannibalism in the state of Idaho.

Russell is now facing first-degree murder charges in addition to the added charges of cannibalism. Authorities have the suspect in custody and a hearing about the case will take place on December 28.

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