Indian Mom Denied Role Over “White Supremacy”

( – An Indian mother was denied a role within the state Board of Education for allegedly aligning herself with white supremacy, condemning socialism, and promoting the U.S. Constitution, according to The Post Millennial. Virginia Democrats reportedly launched a character assassination campaign against the mother and effectively shut her down.

After being nominated to the Virginia Board of Education by Republican Gov. Glenn Youngkin, Suparna Dutta, an immigrant mom and education activist, was defeated by Democrats who voted against her in a 22-18 vote. 

Dutta was facing Anne Holton, the wife of Democratic senator and former running mate for Hillary Clinton, Tim Kaine. Holton fired back at Dutta’s pro-liberty beliefs and said that the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were not “remarkable documents” as Dutta believed.

“You cannot reference the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution as ‘remarkable documents’…I just, I can’t, I’m not comfortable with that language,” Holton said at a board meeting when discussing Dutta’s views. “There are plenty of governments that call themselves socialist-democratic governments!” 

Holton then suggested that the question of whether socialism is compatible with democracy should be debated in a twelfth-grade civics class. 

Dutta defended herself, saying that she came from a socialist country and claimed that that form of government creates “dependency and depression” while also becoming “too dumb to govern itself.” The activist was also criticized for her support of merit-based admissions to Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology, where she fought against anti-Asian discrimination policies when she co-founded the Coalition for TJ. 

Asra Nomani, who reported on the situation, said that the Virginia Democrats were the equivalent of Southern Democrats because they were mimicking their bigotry. She also claimed that Dutta’s crime was being an “American Hindu.” 

Gov. Youngkin criticized the Democrats’ behavior as “shameful,” saying that she is qualified to serve on the board and that Virginians deserve better.

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