Industry Groups File Lawsuit Over Deplatforming Ban

Industry Groups File Lawsuit Over Deplatforming Ban

( – Once again, the question of censorship and Big Tech is in the news. Groups representing companies like Facebook, Twitter, and Google have filed a lawsuit in federal court against the state of Florida. The reason for the lawsuit is the first-in-the-nation law signed by Governor Rick DeSantis, preventing these companies from completely deplatforming politicians.

The landmark Florida law was a response to the social media events of the 2020 election through January 2021, including the complete removal of President Donald Trump and other conservative voices from platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. This legislation aims to prevent the silencing of free speech in the digital equivalent of what has become today’s “town square.” The law’s supporters maintain that the cyber communities intentionally favor Democrats and Liberals and present their agendas as the only truths.

The lawsuit doesn’t seem to deny that argument. Instead, it asserts that under the First and Fourteenth Amendments to the US Constitution, the platforms have the right to make “certain content-moderation decisions.”

These very complex issues of constitutional and antitrust laws will likely end up before the Supreme Court for a final decision. We’ll keep you posted as the case progresses.

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