Israeli Prime Minister Responds to Corruption Charges

Israeli Prime Minister Responds to Corruption Charges

( – The United States Senate continues on February 9 with its second farcical impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump. Some Democrats have said it is not meant as a form of justice this time. Instead, they are ensuring a strong political opponent may never run for office again.

A similar situation is unfolding in Israel, where Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu finds himself standing trial for various corruption allegations. One might question if this, like in Trump’s situation, is simply liberal targeting against a leader.

Netanyahu is currently facing several charges, including accepting lavish gifts in exchange for favors, among others. He pleaded not guilty to all charges against him at the latest hearing on Monday.

He has held that office since 2009 and had previously served in that capacity from 1996 to 1999. If his Likud party can hold its plurality in the Knesset and form a coalition to achieve a majority, Netanyahu hopes to remain in office after the March 23, 2021 elections in Israel.

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