Israeli Whistleblowers Shed Light on Palestinian Abuse

( – Palestinian journalists working with CNN claimed to have spoken with Israelis who worked at a detention camp holding some of the Hamas militants who have been captured since Israel declared war on the Iranian-backed terror group last October, who accused the IDF of abusing and neglecting the detainees.

The anonymous “whistleblowers” claimed that some of the medical care provided to the detainees was being done by unqualified medical staff. They claimed that some prisoners had to have limbs amputated due to the constant use of handcuffs.

The unnamed individuals said they were told that the detainees were not permitted to talk or move and were always kept blindfolded.

In the Sde Teiman detention center about 18 miles from Gaza in the Negev desert, one whistleblower claimed that there were roughly 70 Hamas militants who were physically restrained and a field hospital for wounded militants.

According to the unnamed whistleblower, the hospitalized militants remained strapped to the beds being fed through straws.

Another unnamed whistleblower claimed that the militants were subjected to beatings, not to gather intelligence but “out of revenge” for the October 7 terrorist attack or to punish them for their behavior in the detention facility.

In response to the unverified allegations, the Israel Defense Forces said in a statement that the IDF ensures that those overseeing detainees in custody use “proper conduct” and any allegations made against IDF soldiers are investigated and addressed, and “when there is suspicion of misconduct” against the soldiers, the Military Police Criminal Investigation Division will open investigations.

The IDF said Hamas militants detained are “handcuffed based on their risk level and health status.” It confirmed that there have been no reports of “unlawful handcuffing” at the detention centers.

The IDF has set up three detention facilities for Hamas militants captured during the war at three converted military facilities. In addition to Sde Teiman, the other detention facilities are at the Ofer and Anatot military bases in the West Bank.

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