Joe Biden Claims “People May Die” Because His Officials Aren’t Being Put in Power Fast Enough

Joe Biden Claims

( – Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden said during a speech that if President Donald Trump doesn’t essentially concede and start working with his transition team, many Americans will die from COVID-19. He believes that this is a huge stumbling block to getting the vaccine to 300 million-plus Americans. This concern seems like it might be a bit disingenuous, considering the views of one of his picks for his team.

Dr. Zeke Emanuel was a part of the team picked by former President Barack Obama to develop Obamacare and he’s certainly a controversial figure. He’s the author of an essay from 2014 titled “Why I Hope to Die at 75” saying of that age, “it robs us of our creativity and ability to contribute to work, society, the world.”

Dr. Emanuel is also co-author of a paper outlining his “Fair Priority Model” for any vaccines, which would see them distributed globally based on certain metrics he developed. Not only do those conflict with WHO guidelines, but they also put other countries in front of the United States, rendering Biden’s argument moot.

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